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15 hours ago
Loved this week's best of British
16 hours ago
Hi Rudi can you please wish a very happy birthday to Angie Moriarty for yesterday. Please play a special song for her and send her our love
16 hours ago
Stephen smith
Hi Rudi please give a shout out to my youngest daughter Danielle who is 22 today wishing her a lovely birthday lots of love mum and dad
17 hours ago
Loving ❤️ this hotmix Rudi. I will definitely tune in tonight for Mark Kirby.
17 hours ago
Great to hear your back Rudi. Getting ready for work, Delite playing loud.
1 day ago
H in chingford
Yes rob! Wicked choons tonight
1 day ago
Lee in Houston TX USA
Howdy from the USA.
1 day ago
Bradley in Hampstead
First time tuned in to you Rob. Loving the music. Possible for a shout out?
1 day ago
Tom & Julie from bedfordshire
Please say hi to the butler family. thank Delite Radio
1 day ago
Rash in birmingham
Great show as always rob. Such a great lineup on Delite Radio. Been listening since day one. Delite we love you
1 day ago
West London Crew
In a bit late mr Blake, but here now! Big yo to us please
1 day ago
Rita Blake
Lovin the joyful tunes xx
1 day ago
The Bexleyhealth Massive
We are here again Rob. Please say hi.
2 days ago
Mick @ St Albans
Morning T hope you're well. Can you play Peg by Steely Dan please. Big love to you and all at Delite Towers. X
4 days ago
Amazing show, Orchid! Is Cheryl Lynn's real name Lynda Cheryl Smith?
4 days ago
Hi Orchid, I'm not sure but I guess Linda Cheryl Smith is Cheryl Lynn's real name
4 days ago
Evening Orchid, my guess is the answer to the feature question is Cheryl Green
4 days ago
Great tune after great tune -thanks, Orchid! Always enjoy kicking back and tuning into your show. Currently have my radio on while organising my garage
4 days ago
Love the show, Orchid! Tuning in with the family in Dalston. Looking forward to the feature
4 days ago
ove pÄrson
Goood evening to you Orchid :) just tuned in and really enjoying tonights mix in the Odyssé :)) Currently mixin' a nice tune with a touch of the eighties :)) time is as usual 1 hour ahead and we're listening thru the website :)) xx