Danielle D-H Presenters

Meet Danielle, one of Delite Radio's vibrant voices. Hailing from the heart of Yorkshire with a rich English-Portuguese heritage, Danielle brings a unique blend of cultural flavours and experiences to the airwaves. Growing up with a DJ father, music has always been the heartbeat of Danielle's life. This early exposure ignited a deep passion for soul, Motown, and the captivating power of female vocalists, shaping her eclectic and soulful taste in music.

As a seasoned voiceover artist, Danielle has a natural flair for storytelling, captivating you with her smooth and engaging tones. Her wit, charm, and a dash of dry humour make every show a delightful experience. With a professional yet fun approach, Danielle will ensure you are not just entertained, but that you also feel a personal connection to the music and stories shared on Delite Radio.

Tune in to experience the magic that Danielle brings to every broadcast.


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