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1 hour ago
Love All Around the World - beautiful lyrics. Can you play a bit of CeCe Peniston please Orchid?
2 hours ago
Hi Orchid Bea, please give a shout out to Charlene. Enjoying the show!
2 hours ago
Morning Orchid Bea, your show's making me forget about the rain - great start to my weekend. Can you play My Girl by The Temptations? Thanks.
4 hours ago
Hiya Rudi. Can you wish my daughter Jasmin a very happy 18th birthday. From the whole family. Cheers
5 hours ago
Good Morning Rudi. I started listening to Delite about a year ago, and now it's on all day. I love all the presenters xxxx
19 hours ago
Silvia from Cambridge
Hello to Delite Radio. Thinking hard on this one, so my ‘Love Your Place’ has got to be the cold winter nights, in front of the fire, no lights, no TV, only Delite Radio in the background snuggled up with my hubby.
19 hours ago
Anna from North Finchley
Hello to all at Delite Radio. My ‘love your place’ is at my parents house with my dad cooking a bbq Greek style! And Delite Radio playing.
19 hours ago
Rebecca Jordan from Birmingham
Hi Delite Radio, this is fantastic your guys involved in local radio day. My LOVE YOUR PLACE is my home with family, good food and drink with of course Delite Radio playing! X
19 hours ago
Karla from Peterborough
Delite Radio is my LOVE YOUR PLACE!
21 hours ago
Sarah from Finchley
Hi to all at Delite Radio and especially Tony Jay! Great day as always. My ‘love your place’ must be my local bar with friends and family. X
22 hours ago
Jodi from Winchmore Hill
Hello to Delite Radio. Well, my ‘LOVE YOUR PLACE’ is at any art gallery that comes around.
22 hours ago
Andrew from Manchester
Delite Radio is simply the best! My ‘LOVE YOUR PLACE’ for me is my house back in Trinidad. Keep playing the music I want to hear pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee
22 hours ago
Nadine from Hackney
Hello Delite Radio, love the Local Radio Day. My LOVE YOUR PLACE is on a cruise ship sailing round the world
23 hours ago
Penny from Harrow
Hi to my favourite radio station, Delite Radio. My ‘LOVE YOUR PLACE’ is on a beach far far away from the UK. Sun, sea, and drinks!
1 day ago
Marie from Enfield
You all rock at Delite Radio. My love your place is sitting and reading away from the kids with a glass of wine!
1 day ago
Lewis from Milton Keynes
My LOVE YOUR PLACE is down the local with friend and enjoying a good meal together.
1 day ago
Natalie from Surrey
My ‘LOVE YOUR PLACE’ without a doubt is at my mums every Sunday enjoying a traditional roast with all the family. It’s Christmas every Sunday at mums!
1 day ago
Billy from Essex
Hello to the one and only Delite Radio and Mark Kirby. Great to hear you during the day. my LOVE YOUR PLACE is down at the local! Keep it Delite.
1 day ago
Tracey from Southampton
Hello Delite Radio. My LOVE YOUR PLACE is in Spain when we are able to visit! DELITE RADIO IS MUSIC I NEED TO HEAR x
1 day ago
Orchid Bea
Loving that we're CELEBRATING Local Radio Day at Delite!!! - We LOOOVVVVEEE RADIO!!!