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2 hours ago
I hope Shaggy's real name is Shagano Winston Best, Orchid
2 hours ago
Hi Orchid, I think Shaggy's real name is Orville Richard Burrell
3 hours ago
Evening Orchid, is Shaggy's real name Orville Richard Burrell?
3 hours ago
Hi Orchid, I'm not sure what Shaggy's real name is but I'll guess Orville Richard Burrell
3 hours ago
Hi Orchid, rocking out to the music! Exactly what I need. It's 22:39 and I've just finished doing some work on my laptop
3 hours ago
Hi Orchid, really enjoying the music, much needing unwind time after a long day, hope you are doing well, best wishes, Cashel
3 hours ago
ove pArson
Goood evening Orchid :) hope all is well, great vibes tonights! Just tuned in, got som new tunes coming on, still in the studio working with final mixes :)) all best to you and stay safe :)) hugs/ove XX
4 hours ago
It's 10.20pm and I got in at 10pm to listen to Orchid's Odyssey. I have the week off work and spent today shopping for new furniture and enjoying the sunshine. Nice to get home and listen to fab music to top the day off!
10 hours ago
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2 days ago
Linda M
Just want to say great music today . Thanks to Steve from PJ Flooring inviting me to join.
2 days ago
Please play ChloeJet - Used to You Pt 2 Have a great day everyone at Delite Radio. Thanks for playing great music ????????☀️
2 days ago
I love Sunday Duvet. No work today just chilling.
3 days ago
Per V
Thanks - great show - great music.
3 days ago
OMG I had such a crush on Lief . Putney
3 days ago
Bangerz all morning Shirl loved it
3 days ago
Outstanding Show Caige
3 days ago
Hi ger8 Oldies perfect for big day at pride Say hi to me and Vee
3 days ago
God Banderas havent heard in years! Love it
3 days ago
Stuck on M25 Belters today Craig
3 days ago
Loving the tunes Shirl...Off to pride with Anna Mark Carrie Kev Lee