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8 hours ago
Welcome to the world of adult Dating
15 hours ago
Len Scott
To Colleen Lissenburg, please play Whiter Shade of Pale, by PH. I it was the first 45 I ever bought.
1 day ago
Steve H
Hey Walter outstanding vibes keep well Steve
1 day ago
Morning Rudy Love the tunes. Easing me awake and propped up with my pillows. May make it out of bed by the end of your show ????
1 day ago
Rudi. I love your Spiritual hour especially the religious ones from around the world. Keep up the good work
2 days ago
Cracking tunes on soundtrack Craig Ellis Norwood
2 days ago
Can you wish Happy Birthday to Issac love from Dave Miri anna Michelle and Marigold
2 days ago
Is there any chance you can play the new tune Simon Adams it's fantastic thANKS Im in West Hampstead
2 days ago
Oh gorgegous tunes Shirl, Say hi to me maddie and ally and pete we re braving rain to go out in Manchester!! come join us ha!
2 days ago
Shirley what you said about rain is same conversation i have just had with my mate! Cracking tunes Hun x
2 days ago
Harry T
Harry T from North West London can you play The Whispers Love For Love please. Thanks TJ
2 days ago
Hi, Wilson from Stanmore, can you please play Steve Parks – Movin’ In The Right Direction. thanks
2 days ago
Lewis H from Harrow on the hill
Can't wait for Behind the groove. Can you play The Winans Let my people go please. Thank you Delite radio
2 days ago
Hi Delite Radio and Hi Norman, can you please say hi to Johnathan for me and possible to play something by the temptations please. Thank you
2 days ago
Hello Delite family and my favourite Saturday morning DJ. I JUST LOVE YOUR SHOW JUST BRILLIANT. Today my eggs are in Spanish I'm W
2 days ago
Hey Can you please say hi to Caroline, Sue and Madeleine and tell them I’m looking forward to a very long overdue catch-up later today. Please dedicate any song you like to them.
2 days ago
Jazzy B
Good morning please can you dedicate a birthday song to my beaut boyfriend `Bobby Dubs. He’s the best. I believe in miracles by JACKSON SISTERS
2 days ago
Bingo Bango
These tunes are definitely brightening up this miserable day! Can we listen to any Gil Scott-Heron?
2 days ago
Loving the tunes Rudi. Weekends are my favourite days.
2 days ago
Jan from Southgate
Good morning Rudi and Delite Radio. Can you say hi to my daughters Lucy and Francesca please and if possible to play gap band outstanding. Delite Radio is simply the best x thank you in advance x