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Deep Fried Session


Paolo gained experience with his Deep Fried Session on Jazz Syndicate Radio, one of the UK’s first Jazz internet stations.  The station boasted an impressive list of guests, ranging from Jazz Legends Marlena Shaw and Jimmy Scott to gospel luminaries such as Dorothy Norwood.. It also championed independent recording artists, authors and media personalities. This would eventually lead him to host his show on Crackers Radio for over two years.

Like many fans of soul music he started at a young age, listening to JFM & Horizon Radio and recording Soul Train on TV, developing a love for the music early on.

After many years DJ’ing & collecting those well known classics he had a desire to dig deeper and search out more of the smaller labels / artists and bands.

Paolo’s passion is driven by desire & excitement to uncover quality music he’s never heard before and share it with you all.

“That feeling you get when hearing a real quality tune for the first time, you can’t beat it".  "A record that takes you to another place, that’s what I try and replicate in my show” says Paolo.

His enthusiasm for the music lead him to putting on many events with DJ’s from the past & present, sharing their different musical tastes of Jazz Funk, Soul & Boogie.

You’ll hear many different styles on this session from all over the globe – music from the 60’s 70’s & 80’s plus many new & recent releases over the past decade.


There are some absolutely amazing new & older artists around that just don’t get heard in clubs and on the radio, so I’m really excited about taking my show forward with Delite.


Deep Fried Session Presenter


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